Our Butterflies room is home to our children aged just before two up until they leave for school.


The Butteflies room is full of exciting sensory experiences such as gloop, oats, water and sand play. The children have freeflow access to a large garden area where they can develop their gross motor skills on our large climbing equipment and ride on toys.


In this room we begin to work on the children's independence as well as developing their personal, social and emotional development. Activities are specifically planned for each individual child based upon their next steps for learning. Qualified staff are on hand to scaffold children's learning, building upon what they already know whilst providing stimulating challenges to encourage them to learn more. 


The routine in this room includes lots of opportunities for freeflow play both inside and outside as well as introducing more structured learning. 

Songs and Sounds, a specially developed phonics programme is started in this room. The programme begins with working on the children's listening skills, which once secure will assist them in hearing and making the initial sounds in words.


Breakfast begins at 8am and the children are offered toast or cereal before they begin their day of fun and adventures. Activities are planned based on the children's current interests and are designed to support their physical, communication and personal, social and emotional development.


A healthy snack is offered mid morning before a focused group time including the children's favourite "knock on the box!". The awe and wonder created as the children anticipate what is inside the box for group time is simply magical! This could include a story, puppet, musical instruments and much more. This short, interactive group time gives the children the opportunity to develop the listening and attention skills they need as they get older.  


Lunch is served at 12pm and the children sit and eat together, sharing conversations and learning social skills important for meal times. Some of the children then head off for a sleep and the other children enjoy some quiet activity time. 


Again, the afternoon is filled with more planned activities, this could include a walk in the local area, baking, creative activities or construction play.


A delicious tea is served at 5pm for the children staying until 6pm. After tea, it's wind down time with stories and cuddles.


The children have easy access to mini toilets throughout the day to assist them with toilet training and our staff have great skills and experience in supporting this process.  


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