This room is for our youngest children, it is a free flow environment to the outside.  We follow the childrens individual needs and plan specifically for their development and interests, using the staffs sound knowledge of child development and the EYFS curriculum. The prime areas for development for the under 2s are Personal, Social and Emotional, Physical and Communication and Language.


Seahorses have free flow access to a spacious garden, with a sit in sandpit, ride on toys and climbing equipment.  Seahorses also love to venture out to explore the local area in the pushchairs and on foot, visiting the library, nature walks and local toddler groups.


During the day the children have the option to participate in a variety of exciting, enriching activities including heuristic and sensory play. The staff encourage the childrens creativity and natural exploration providing our babies with high standards of care, love and fun.


We follow the childs natural routine with guidance from their parent/carers and provide plenty of opportunities for sleep and rest periods. There is a kitchenette where milk feeds and snacks are made up for the children throughout the day.


Each child is allocated a key worker who will support both yourself and your child during the transition and settling period into nursery life. The key worker will also be responsible for completing your childs online learning journal where you can access real time information from wherever you are. Our experienced team will leave you reassured your child is in safe hands.

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