The Kangaroo room is home to our busy two to five year olds. The space is designed to promote the childrens independence, with freeflow access to a large garden area in all weathers and a huge variety of activities and resources available.


We have adult led and child initiated activities available based on the childs current interests and experiences. Typical activities on offer during the day would be messy play, creative activities, construction and role play. We follow the EYFS curriculum focusing on the seven areas:

- Personal, Social and Emotional Development

- Communication and Language

- Physical Development

- Literacy

- Mathematics

- Understanding the World

-Expressive Arts and Design


The EYFS seeks to provide:

- Quality and Consistency

- A Secure Foundation

- Partnership Working

- Equality of Opportunity


Our aim is to promote each child's independence and individuality. The children are encouraged to take more responsibility for their personal hygiene, which they do in the purpose built bathroom. There is also a disabled toilet in the Family Centre, adjacent to Wakoos.


The staff in this room are fun, energetic and committed to ensuring your child gets the best start to education. It is at this very important age that foundations are built that will help the children understand and manage their emotions. Our team support the children through providing an understanding and empathetic approach. with the children at the heart of everything they do.


We document childrens learning, including pictures and observations on a secure online system. You can access this from wherever you are to see how your child is progressing and what they have been enjoying at nursery. 


The Kangaroos have a very well resourced and exciting outdoor space especially designed to meet their needs. The garden is a great interactive space made up of a mud kitchen, sand pit, tunnel, slide, willow den, band stand and lots of equipment! We encourage the children to spend time outside in all weathers, getting closer to nature through growing flowers, herbs and vegetables. Pippin and Marmite  our resident guinea pigs also provide opportunities for the children to understand how to care for animals.



Example of a typical day in the Koalas Room
  Time         Activity                                                      
  08:00 Nursery opens
  08:15-08:40      Breakfast is served
  09:00-11:45 Free play inside and outside
  10:15 Snack with fruit and milk
  11:45  Circle Time/Focused group learning
  12:00 Lunch time
  1:00 Sleep time (depending on childs home routine)
  2.45pm Circle Time/Focused group learning
  12:45-5 Free play inside and outside
  3pm  Snack with fruit and milk
  5pm Tea time
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