Our Dolphin room is home to our inbetweeners, the children approaching three up until the year before they leave for school.


In this room we begin to work on the childrens independence as well as developing their personal, social and emotional development. Activities are specifically planned for each individual child based upon their next steps for learning. Qualified staff are on hand to scaffold childrens learning building upon what they already know whilst providing stimulating challenge to encourage them to learn more. 


The routine in this room includes lots of opportunities for freeflow play both inside and outside as well as introducing more structured learning. 

Songs and Sounds, a specially developed phonics programme is started in the Dolphin room. This programme begins with working on the childrens listening skills which once secure will assist them in hearing the initial sounds in words.


Meals are served at 8am, 12pm and 5pm with snack mid morning and mid afternoon. The children have easy access to mini toilets to assist them with toilet training and our staff have great skills and experience in supporting this process.  


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